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6810 Finian Drive
Wimington, NC 28409

(800) 24-ANIME

For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.


“The Best Movies You'll Ever Read”

For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.

Important Note: From October 14th through November 8th our offices will be closed while we go on a vacation and then to Japan on business. Orders received during that time that ship from our US office will not be processed until we return. CA/UK/EU orders for the Bubblegum Crisis and Otaku no Video Blu-ray sets will be processed, because we can do that remotely.

Featured Releases

Riding Bean High Octane Edition Blu-ray Kickstarter Raises Over $135K!

And it funded in only 50 minutes!

You can still sign up for the set  here.

Previous Limited Edition Sets - Get them while they last.

Both the Otaku no Video Otaking Edition and the Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition are still available while supplies last.

These are limited-edition sets packed with extras and bonus goodies, and will not be repressed.

We have also arranged for local fulfillment of these sets in Canada, the United Kingdom and the EU, so as to avoid pesky customs fees and charges!

More Crowdproduction Madness coming soon!

We are currently negotiating several new crowdproduction projects, and hope to be announcing them soon. Follow @AnimEigo on Twitter -- we'll be announcing things there first.

Check out our previous crowdfunding projects here.

Free Shipping on US Orders of 3 or more items

Media Mail shipping is only $2.99, but if you order 3 or more items, it's FREE. And just to be nice, we count all the items in box sets, and Blu-Ray items automatically get free shipping.

Shopping Cart Update

We've streamlined the way the shopping cart works -- you don't need to enter coupon codes to get discount anymore, they are now built into the prices of each product.

World-Wide Titles

Most of our licenses are restricted to the US and Canada, but we have a few titles we can ship anywhere in the world, excluding Japan, China and Taiwan. Consult our Shipping page for international shipping information. As credit card authorization can sometimes be an issue for International customers, we now have a PayPal shopping cart that lets you order these items.