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Megazone 23

1985, 1986, 1989, OVA, 4 episodes (varying length), 360 min total

Special Edition Blu-ray

Contains the following bonus features:

  • Complete ADV Films dub for all 3 parts (4 episodes)

  • Megazone Part II International Version

  • Streamline Pictures dub for Megazone 23 Part 1

  • Original ADV Films commentary track

  • Japanese commentary with Gaku Miyao and Hiroki Sato

  • Original Japanese promos

  • Color and line art galleries

1080p / English 2.0 DTS-MA (ADV), Dolby Digital (other dubs) / Japanese 2.0 DTS-MA / English, English SDH subtitles / dual layer / AVC @ 18 MBPS / REGION FREE

Only $39.99

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Directors: Noboru ISHIGURO, Shinji ARAMAKI, Kenichi YATAGAI
Screenplay: Hiroyuki HOSHIYAMA & Emu ARII
Voice Actors: Masato KUBOTA, Maria KAWAMURA, Kumi MIYASATO, Takashi KUSAO, Hiroko KASAHARA, Saki TAKAOKA, Vic Mignogna, Allison Shipp, Monica Rial, Jay Hickman, Jessica Boone, Bob Bergen, Barbara Goodson, Kerrigan Mahan
Warning: Contains Profanity, Violence, and Brief Nudity
Parts I & II © AIC, Part III © AIC / Flying Dog

Everyone really is being controlled by AI.

YAHAGI Shōgo is a young man living in Tokyo in the mid-80s, enjoying life during a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

Or so he thinks...


In reality he, and everyone he knows, are living in a carefully maintained illusion. Almost all are blissfully unaware that they are aboard a massive spaceship, Megazone 23. Only a few of the inhabitants of Megazone 23 know the truth -- that not only is the city a ship, but that it is controlled by Bahamut, an AI, and is in danger of attack from the mysterious Dezalg.

When Shōgo stumbles upon the secret of Megazone 23, the military decides that he and his friends need to be silenced before they can interfere with their plans to hack Bahamut. Shōgo only has two things going for him – a motorcycle that is much more than it seems, and an acquaintance who is much less so!


A sci-fi trilogy that set the stage for the OVA revolution

Making its debut in 1985, Megazone 23 ignited the Japanese Original Video Animation (OVA) boom. It proved there was a market for direct-to-video anime films, and paved the way for anime to become not just a niche genre, but a world-wide phenomenon. It was soon joined by a visually mind-blowing sequel, and a 2-part spinoff that takes place centuries later.

The team that created Megazone 23 includes a Who's Who of anime legends, including (just to name a few) ISHIGURO Noboru (Macross, Yamato), ITANO Ichirō (creator of the “Macross Missile Massacre”), MIYAO Gaku (Devil Hunter Yōko), MIKIMOTO Haruhiko (Macross, Gunbuster), ANNO Hideaki (Evangelion), YATAGAI Kenichi (Bubblegum Crisis), ARAMAKI Shinji (Appleseed), HOSHIYAMA Hiroyuki (Dirty Pair), ARII Emu (Bubblegum Crash), SAGISU Shirō (Evangelion), MORIMOTO Koji (The Animatrix), YŪKI Nobuteru (Vision of Escaflowne), KAKINOUCHI Narumi and HIRANO Toshiki (Vampire Princess Miyu), UMETSU Yasuomi (Kite), and KITAZUME Hiroyuki (Gundam).


Don't take our word for it...

"An important and influential anime, responsible for starting the anime boom of the 80s."

- Ollie Barder, Forbes


"The level of detail is such that every distinctive trademark and label is not only reproduced, but fully animated as people pick them up and set them down."

- Anime News Network

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