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1987-1991, OVA, 8 episodes (varying length), 333 min total

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Hi-Definition Disctopia Blu-ray

Contains the following bonus features:

  • 8 original music videos

  • Color art gallery

  • Line art gallery

1080p / English 2.0 Dolby Digital / Japanese 2.0 Dolby Digital / English, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Japanese subtitles / dual layer / AVC @ 25 MBPS / REGION FREE

Remastered DVD Box (4 discs)

Contains the following bonus features:​

  • "Holiday in Bali" live action special with original Knight Saber voice actors

  • Text interviews/comments of 9 members of the original Japanese production staff

  • Program notes

  • 13 Music Videos

  • Line art galleries

  • Original Japanese promos

4:3 Full Screen / English 2.0 Dolby Digital / Japanese 2.0 Dolby Digital / English, French ​subtitles / dual layer / REGION FREE

Only $29.99

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Directors: Fumihiko TAKAYAMA, Hiroaki GODA, Hiroki HAYASHI, Katsuhito AKIYAMA, Masami OBARI
Voice Actors: Kinuko OMORI, Toshio FURUKAWA, Yoshiko SAKAKIBARA
Warning: Contains Violence, Adult Language, and Brief Nudity
© 1987-2018 TOSHIBA-EMI Limited

The Japanese Cyberpunk Classic

It is the year 2032 A.D. Like a Phoenix, the city of MegaTokyo is rising from the ashes of a devastating earthquake. In the twisted canyons of the megalopolis, the Knight Sabers, a small band of high tech mercenaries, fight a lonely battle against the evil GENOM Corporation and its sinister androids, the Boomers. Venture into an all too probable future, where technology has run amuck, and emotion is all that separates Man from Machine. 

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A hurricane that started in Japan and hit America

Originally released in Japan starting in 1987, and a mega-hit among the early American anime scene, Bubblegum Crisis is the show that put AnimEigo on the map. Over the years the series, and its unique noir blend of mecha, cute girls, 80s J-pop, and cyberpunk dystopia has inspired countless imitators.

Created by a who's-who of the Anime world, featuring character designs by Kenichi Sonoda (Riding Bean, Gunsmith Cats, Gall Force), production design by Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed, Full Metal Alchemist, Space Pirate Captain Harlock 2013), direction by Katsuhito Akiyama (Armitage III), Masami Obari (Detonator Orgun), Fumihiko Takayama (Patlabor III), Jun Okada, Hiroaki Goda (Oh My Goddess!), music by Koji Makaino (Oh My Goddess!), and mechanical designs by Sonoda, Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma (Detonator Orgun).

Bubblegum Crisis stands as a seminal work in the world of Japanese science fiction, and a landmark part of anime history.

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Don't take our word for it...

"There are few anime series out there that have had the same kind of impact as Bubblegum Crisis and even after all these years, it is still a wonderfully animated cyberpunk cult classic."

       -Ollie Barder, Forbes

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