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1991, OVA, 3 episodes (50 min ea.), 135 min total

Bubblegum Crash DVD.jpg
DVD Edition

Contains the following bonus features:

  • Color art gallery

4:3 Full Screen / English 2.0 Dolby Digital / Japanese 2.0 Dolby Digital / English ​subtitles / dual layer / REGION 1

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© 1991 by AIC, Inc.

Director: Hiroshi ISHIODORI, Hiroyuki FUKUSHIMA
Screenplay: Emu ARII, Toshimichi SUZUKI
Voice Actors: Akiko HIRAMATSU, Kazuyuki SOGABE, Toshio FURUKAWA
Warning: Contains Violence, Strong Language, and Brief Nudity


It is the year 2034 A.D. The story of the Knight-Sabers is not yet over. In this three-episode mini-series, an old enemy returns to settle the score! 

Bubblegum Crash 1 - Illegal Army

A paramilitary group commits a number of daring thefts, but it's all a cover for their real objective - a new AI program that promises to revolutionize Boomer design. 

Bubblegum Crash 2 - Geo Climbers

Only two men survive from the original team who helped Professor Stingray create the Boomer technology. Now one of them is dead, and his breakthrough prototype, ADAMA, is being framed for the crime! 

Bubblegum Crash 3 - Melt Down

The boomers are rioting, and a nuclear boring machine is heading straight towards MegaTokyo's fusion reactor! Only the Knight Sabers can avert the apocalypse, and in order to do it, they'll have to defeat an old enemy - not once, but three and a half times!


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