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Press release: MediaOCD Acquires AnimEigo’s Home Video Distribution Business



MediaOCD Acquires AnimEigo’s Home Video Distribution Business

Brand To Continue Under MediaOCD’s Management


LOS ANGELES, CA AND WILMINGTON, NC, February 15, 2024 – MediaOCD and AnimEigo announced today that the two companies have reached an agreement to transition AnimEigo’s mass-market video distribution business to MediaOCD over the coming months. The brand will join MediaOCD’s existing home video label Whole Grain Pictures. AnimEigo will continue to release current and future limited-edition crowdfunded projects using the AnimEigo brand.


Founded in 1988, AnimEigo is the English-speaking world’s oldest existing Japanese animation distributor. Operated by the husband-and-wife team of Robert Woodhead and Natsumi Ueki, AnimEigo is best known for such titles as Bubblegum Crisis, Megazone 23 and most recently, MACROSS II. The label is beloved by anime fans for its attention to detail, its high quality, and its fan-oriented approach to production and customer service. It played a key role in the early availability and popularity of uncut, subtitled anime releases in North America. AnimEigo also has released many critically acclaimed and award-winning Japanese live action films.


“I am beyond excited to continue the legacy of AnimEigo,” said MediaOCD CEO Justin Sevakis. “I grew up with AnimEigo VHS tapes, and preserving both the brand and its philosophy is of utmost importance to me. The entire MediaOCD team is dedicated to bringing the AnimEigo touch to a whole new generation of anime fans.”


"We believe Justin is the right person to continue the AnimEigo tradition of quality and fan support,” said Robert Woodhead, founder and CEO of AnimEigo. “We look forward to helping him with this transition over the next few years. We can't wait to see what new paths his fresh perspective will lead him to explore." He noted that he and Ueki’s plan is to slowly ease into retirement, while ensuring that all existing obligations are met.


AnimEigo Blu-rays and DVDs will continue to be available wholesale through distributor MVD Entertainment Group, and via normal retail channels. MVD will also continue to distribute AnimEigo licensed properties via digital distribution platforms. AnimEigo’s existing consumer-facing online storefront will migrate to MediaOCD’s website over the coming months, and continue to operate via new management. Woodhead and Ueki have committed to consult and support MediaOCD throughout the transition process.


In January 2024, AnimEigo completed its seventh successful Kickstarter campaigns for a Blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray release of the classic MACROSS II anime series. This and other upcoming Kickstarter projects will be managed by Woodhead and Ueki, who will continue to oversee production and fulfillment until all promised goods are delivered. They will also provide support for previous AnimEigo Blu-rays produced via Kickstarter for the foreseeable future.


MediaOCD’s existing lines of business, including post-production and planning services for other media publishers and distributors, will continue uninterrupted.


About MediaOCD

Founded in 2012, MediaOCD is a Los Angeles-based video post-production company known for its obsessive, high quality film and video restoration, Digital Cinema and Blu-ray disc production. Servicing customers such as Discotek Media, IFC Films and Variance Films, MediaOCD has produced over 1,300 retail Blu-rays for various publishers. It launched its label for independent and international cinema, Whole Grain Pictures, in January 2024. Whole Grain Pictures titles are also distributed by MVD Entertainment Group.



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