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For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.


Shinobi no Mono


Shinobi no Mono


Japanese w/ English subtitles
Format: 4xDVD9/5, Region 1 (NA)
Rating: 18+, Run Time: 371 min
Released: 1962-1964
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, B&W
Extras: Audio Commentary by Ric Meyers, Maps, Image Galleries, Program Notes, Theatrical Trailers
Director(s): Kazuo MORI, Satsuo YAMAMOTO, Tokuzo TANAKA
Author: Hajime TAKAIWA
Starring: Raizo ICHIKAWA
Warning: Contains Violence, Intrigue, and Ninja Secrets
© 1962-64 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

US/Canada only.

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The Big Box of Ninja!

The first four Shinobi no Mono films, starring the legendary ICHIKAWA Raizo, are now available in a special box set! Now you can get all the ninja you need, at a great price! 

See below for individual movie information, trailers and so on. Oh, and if you have bought any of the Shinobi movies individually, we'll be happy to send you the box for free (a shipping charge will apply, but if you're buying anything else from us, you can get free USPS media mail delivery) 

  • Starring Raizo Ichikawa, one of the biggest stars in Japanese film history.

  • Series launched the first ninja boom in Japan.

  • Contains 4 dynamic historical epics.

  • Features realistic ninja techniques & details of Samurai / Ninja society.