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For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.


The Great Killing


The Great Killing


Japanese w/ English subtitles
Format: DVD9, Region 1 (NA)
Rating: 18+, Run Time: 118 min.
Released: 1964
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, B&W
Extras: Trailers, Program Notes, Cast & Crew Biographies, Image Gallery
Director: Eiichi KUDO
Screenplay: Kaneo IKEGAMI
Starring: Koutaro SATOMI, Mikijiro HIRA, Nami MUNAKATA, Ryutaro OOTOMO, Toru ABE
Warning: Contains violence, strategy
© 1964 Toei Co., Ltd.

US/Canada only.

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A handful of men vs. an Army... but this handful is quite a handful!

A Shogunate Elder connives to rule Japan by making his puppet, the Shogun's brother Tsunashige, the next Shogun. The best strategist in Japan, Yamaga, leads a plot to stop the Elder, but his cabal is betrayed and most of the conspirators are captured and tortured. 

Now Yamaga and his few remaining swordsmen must battle through hundreds of guards in order to kill Tsunashige. He will need all of his wits to devise a strategy that provides even a glimmer of hope! 

  • Contains the #2-ranked Sword Fight Sequence in Japanese film history, as rated by

  • 2nd film in Director KUDO's famed "Samurai Revolution Trilogy" (13 Assassins, The Great Killing, Eleven Samurai)

  • Launched a new style of Samurai films focusing on realism, long hand-held camera sequences, and group battles.