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For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.


The Blind Menace


The Blind Menace


Japanese w/ English subtitles
Format: DVD9, Region 1 (NA)
Rating: 18+, Run Time: 91 min.
Released: 1960
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, B&W
Extras: Program Notes, Image Gallery, Trailer, Cast & Crew Bios
Director: Kazuo MORI
Screenplay: Minoru INUZUKA, Nobuo UNO
Starring: Mayumi KURATA, Mieko KONDO, Shintaro KATSU, Tamao NAKAMURA, Toru ABE
Warning: Contains Violence, Despicability.
© 1960 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

US/Canada only.

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See Katsu at his best -- doing his worst!

Before he portrayed the legendary blind swordsman, Zatoichi, Shintaro Katsu played Suganoichi, a blind court masseur with a dark side. An outcast since birth, he learned from a young age that the only way to get ahead was to take advantage of others. Now an expert con-artist with a heart of coal, Suganoichi is on a vile quest for power, and everyone else will suffer along the way! 

  • The film that inspired the Zatoichi series.

  • Starring the legendary Shintaro Katsu.

  • A must see of all fans of the Zatoichi series!

"[Katsu's] giggle is all the more infectious - and disturbing - because we realise that his glee in taking advantage of others is his only way to avoid being trampled on for his lowly status" -- Midnight Eye

"Simply put, if you're a Shintaro Katsu fan, you have to see Shiranui Kengyo..." -- Asia Shock

"The Blind Menace is an almost appallingly straightforward look at a thoroughly black-hearted scoundrel" -- Turner Classic Movies

"A dark but incredibly well acted movie, Blind Menace is surprisingly twisted stuff" -- DVD Talk

"...well acted, and well directed, and will satisfy die hard samurai fans" -- AnimeRadius

"...there is a fascination in watching this repellent character weasel his way in and out of various situations" -- Coffee, Coffee

"Shintaro Katsu's diabolical blind masseur is a completely convincing characterization" -- DVD Savant

"Zatoichi and Katsu enthusiasts will definitely delight in the different take on a Katsu-brand blind character..." -- DreamLogic

"Undeniably charismatic, Katsu will make viewers connect with a character they normally would find repulsive" -- Film Fanaddict

"Any self respecting chambara fan is going to add this film to the collection with quickness" -- Cinegeek

"Blind Menace walks a fine line between the comic and the vile, but it manages to retain focus throughout" -- AV Maniacs

"...the roots of Katsu's later honed-to-a-fine-art blind schtick can be found here and for that reason I'm glad I saw it" -- The Vault of Buncheness

"...a dark and interesting film with a villain as its protagonist" -- Japan Reviewed

"This is one bad dude and there’s something wonderfully vile about that" -- SinEScope

"...this film is a testament to the type of actor that Katsu really was" -- Inside Pulse

"The mind is indeed deadlier than the sword. And when employed for evil, much harder to combat" -- Shogun-ki

"Thoroughly entertaining" -- wetmovie1 video review