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For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.


Bubblegum Crisis


Bubblegum Crisis


Audio: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English, French, (BD only: German, Italian, Japanese, Finnish)
Format: BD50 or DVD-9 x 4
Region: BD: Region-Free / DVD: 1 - NA
Rating: 13+, Run Time: 333 min.
Released: 1987
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, COLOR
Directors: Fumihiko TAKAYAMA, Hiroaki GOODA, Hiroki HAYASHI, Katsuhito AKIYAMA, Masami OOBARI
Screenplay: Emu ARII, Hideki KAKINUMA, Hidetoshi YOSHIDA, Katsuhito AKIYAMA, Kenichi MATSUZAKI, Shinji ARAMAKI, Toshimichi SUZUKI
Voice Actors: Kinuko OMORI, Toshio FURUKAWA, Yoshiko SAKAKIBARA
Warning: Contains Violence, Adult Language, and Brief Nudity
© 1987-2018 TOSHIBA-EMI Limited

Can be shipped anywhere in the World, except for Japan, China and Taiwan.

Available as:

  • DVD Box Set - $29.99

  • Blu-ray - $29.99

International Intrigue: If you order a Bubblegum Crisis Blu-ray for delivery to Canada, our Shipping Ninjas will cleverly redirect your order to a Toronto fulfillment warehouse, which means no Customs duty or processing fees! One caveat, however: your order can't also contain items that have to be shipped from the USA. We can also handle our other Blu-rays this way as well.

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The Japanese Cyberpunk Classic!

It is the year 2032 A.D. Like a Phoenix, the city of MegaTokyo is rising from the ashes of a devastating earthquake. In the twisted canyons of the megalopolis, the Knight Sabers, a small band of high tech mercenaries, fight a lonely battle against the evil GENOM Corporation and its sinister androids, the Boomers. Venture into an all too probable future, where technology has run amuck, and emotion is all that separates Man from Machine. 

  • Character Designs by one of the most popular Anime character designers, Ken'ichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats).

  • Winner of 2 awards from DVD Vision Japan, the 2004 Best Boxset and 2004 Best Rerelease awards.

"...filled with so much greatness that its hard to pin down anything in particular" -- Comics Online

"BGC is an amazing, and classic cyberpunk anime" -- Euro Cult AV

There are few anime series out there that have had the same kind of impact as Bubblegum Crisis and even after all these years, it is still a wonderfully animated cyberpunk cult classic” — Ollie Barder, Forbes

Bubblegum Crisis is back on Blu-ray!

The new "High-Definition Disctopia" release focuses on the core BGC content - all 8 OVAs, HD remastered music videos (in the menu loop) and color/line-art galleries on a single BD50 disc.

Other related materials can be found on our BGC wiki. We are looking into the possibility of making Hurricane Live & Holiday in Bali available online.

Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set (OOP!)

The Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition was an experiment in "crowdproduction". This custom limited-edition set was originally available by preorder only, and began shipping on December 12th, 2014. As this is a limited-edition set, it will never be repressed, was only available for sale on the AnimEigo website, and was never sold for less than the price paid by the original backers. 

"The entire package is simply lovely, and one that should be in every Bubblegum Crisis fan’s library" -- Anime Herald

"Audio Grade: A, Video Grade: A+, Packaging Grade: A, Menu Grade: A, Extras Grade: A+, Content Grade: B+" -- The Fandom Post 

"Bubblegum Crisis Rocks" -- Happy Console Gamer Video Review

" absolutely beautiful set and the series has never looked or sounded better" -- FilmSmash

History of the Set

This set was not only for the fans, but by the fans as well! 50% of the funds raised (after fundraising expenses) went directly into the production budget, and the backers of the project got to decide how the budget was allocated. The initial fundraising via a KickStarter campaign raised over $150,000, and the backers immediately made a significant budget decision, voting overwhelmingly to expand the set from 2 to 3 BD50 Blu-Ray discs, to permit a higher bitrate (better video quality) and space for extra content. 

The discs are not region-locked and will play in all Blu-Ray players -- please note however that we cannot ship this set to Japan, China or Taiwan due to license restrictions. We can also ship AD Police and Bubblegum Crash internationally; all other titles are US/Canada only. 

Backers were deeply involved in the project, and have helped organize a wiki that includes an archive of Omake (extra bonus materials) as well as add extra subtitle languages (in addition to the English and French subtitles that were already available, German, Italian, Finnish and Japanese were added). The project was coordinated on the AnimEigo CrowdProduction Forums

The Ultimate Edition is available in two flavors: Basic and Premium. Premium backers paid an additional $50, but half of that went into a special Premium Production Budget that they alone decided how to allocate. They could choose to add special bonuses just for themselves, or altruistically improve the set for everyone -- or some combination of the two. The the results of the voting can be found here

The series is also available in a 4 DVD Box Set with English and Japanese audio and English and French Subtitles.

The Basic Set

Included in the Basic set (now out-of-print) are:

  • A 3 BD50 Blu-Ray Set in a single 3-disc Amaray case with cardstock slipcase and double-sided "Playing Card" sleeve that lets you put your favorite Knight-Saber up front.

  • All 8 episodes in full 1080p HD at an insane bitrate, with Japanese and English uncompressed stereo soundtracks, and subtitled in English, French, German, Italian, Finnish and Japanese (Kanji) -- in both AnimEigo's classic multicolor subtitles and more traditional greyscale subtitles.

  • The Hurricane Live 2032, Hurricane Live 2033 and Holiday in Bali live-action/animated music video programs (in SD).

  • The original BGC animated music videos, reconstructed into full HD.

  • A set of 6 Postcards from MegaTokyo -- one of which lists all the preorder backers on the back.

  • Online Omake Archive, including high-resolution color art and settei (production line-art), interviews, song translations, and much more. A copy of the archive can also be found on disc 1 if you have a computer BD drive.

  • High-resolution digital version of Adam Warren's “Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal” Comic Book.

  • High-resolution digital versions of R Talsorian Games' Bubblegum Crisis RPG Books.

  • Choice of 1.5" Metal Commemorative Challenge Coin or Keychain.

Contents of the Basic Set with smaller Coin

Contents of the Basic set with Keychain

The Premium Set

For the ultimate in Bubblegum Crisis awesomeness, you have to go with the Premium set (also out-of-print)! 

Premium sets include everything in the Basic set, plus:

  • Premium packaging -- each disc in it's own case, contained within a sturdy chipboard box with foil logo.

  • Two-sided reversible sleeves provide 8 packaging permutations.

  • Both a larger (1.75") version of the coin and the keychain!

  • Custom Commemorative Embroidered Patch (4"x3.75").

Contents of the Premium Set

Closeup of the bonus items, showing difference in size between the Basic and Premium coin