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T-shirts, Otaku no Video Blu-ray & more Bean dubs

Wow, lots to share this week! Let's get into it..

First of all, T-shirts are now in stock! A little bit of get-off-my-lawn snark for our long-time supporters? Or maybe some well-earned OG cred? You decide! This very limited first apparel run for AnimEigo is now in stock. Come get some!

Second of all, Otaku no Video is up for pre-order! The timing, admittedly, is a bit bittersweet, as this is the story of GAINAX after all – the famed anime studio that brought us Evangelion and Nadia and Gunbuster... And who also just announced they were bankrupt and shutting down after many years.

But its history lives on! Shipping October 8th, this disc contains both episodes with English subtitles, as well as an optional version without the live action segments. Bonus features include original promos and an all-new essay. (Other features on the Kickstarter edition were pledged to be exclusive to that release.) We're not sure that this release really mandates an upgrade program for Kickstarter supporters, since it won't be substantially different. Do you still want one? Let us know and we'll consider it if we hear from enough people.

Speaking of upgrades, you can still upgrade to the new edition of Riding Bean! We are DELIGHTED to announce that this new edition will also feature additional audio tracks dubbed into German and Catalan. This is in addition to the previously announced new Kenichi Sonoda interview! (European friends, this disc is all-region! Sorry, subtitles are English only.) There's also a limited edition cardboard slipcover EXCLUSIVE to the MediaOCD store. (It comes packaged separately to make sure it doesn't get dinged up in the mail.)

Again, if you already have a Kickstarter Blu-ray, you can request a 50% off coupon code using this form.

Much more good stuff coming! We're two months into the transition and we're only just getting started... Thanks so much for your support as we bring anime back to its grass roots origins!


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