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For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.

Gunsmith Cats Survey Support

Filling out the Gunsmith Cats Kickstarter survey

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If you signed up for the Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition on Kickstarter, you will receive a survey request on Kickstarter. All surveys will ask you for your address information.

Kickstarter will usually prefill this form with whatever address information they have about you, but please double-check it to ensure it is current.

After we import your survey information into our database, you’ll get an “account status” email from us, so you can double-check that the import worked properly.

If you need to update the address after you complete the survey, please message us on Kickstarter or email us at and we’ll update our database. Note that simply updating your address on Kickstarter won’t automatically change your address in our database.

Note: We will include you on the list of backers on the blu-ray using the shipping name on the survey. If this is not what you want, then contact us after you get the account status email.

We’ll also send you a final account status email just before we ship, so you can triple-check that everything is ok.

Selecting Goodies

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Some Kickstarter reward tiers come with from 1 to 3 bonus Goodies. If you chose one of those tiers, the survey will ask you which goodie(s) you want.

  • If your reward includes multiple goodies, you can select the same goodie more than once.

  • The Large Artbook counts as 3 goodies, so if you want that, you should select it as all 3 of your rewards. The difference between the large artbook and the regular one that comes with the premium set is that it uses a larger size (8.5x11”) to better show off all the color art. The only difference in content is that the regular artbook has more settei line art, whereas the large artbook only has most of the settei. You can look at the interior contents of the artbooks here: Large / Regular. Both are softcover.

  • If you want the Large Artbook but your current reward tier only gives you 1 or 2 goodies, then we’ll have to fix things after the surveys have been imported. For now, just select any other goodies. Once the surveys get imported and you get the resulting “account status” email, you can use the “Artbook Swaps” product on the Gunsmith Cats project page (or at the bottom of this one) to pay the difference and change your goody selection.

  • The regular artbook comes as part of the premium set. If you also order the large artbook, you’ll get both. If you only want the large artbook and you are a premium backer, you can do that by downgrading to basic and then using goodies to get the artbook. Contact us (see below) for help in doing that.

  • Each Blu-ray comes with two Sticker Sheets. The 10-pack goodie is in case you want some extras.

  • If you want to add-on goodies to your order, you can use the buttons on the Gunsmith Cats project page (or at the bottom of this one) to do so. Note that this order won’t be processed until we’ve imported the surveys (mid-March).

Goodie Details

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my address?

If you need to change your address after you’ve completed the survey, just message us on Kickstarter or email us at with the details. You can also just reply to any “account status” email you get from our database.

How can I upgrade my pledge level or add goodies?

Visit the main Gunsmith Cats project page and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find order buttons for upgrading, adding goodies, and purchasing extra sets. Note that these add-ons won’t show up in your Kickstarter account; they’ll be processed and merged after we’ve imported all the surveys. If you want to do something more complicated, contact us directly via Kickstarter or email.

I pledged more $ than the cost of the reward I selected. How can I use the leftover credit?

Once we’ve imported the surveys, our database will flag people who have an unused credit. We’ll then contact you and ask you what you’d like to do — use it for goodies, get a refund, or some combination of the two.

I’ve changed my mind about which goodies I want!

Just contact us on Kickstarter or via email and let us know how you want to swap things around. As long as you let us know before we ship, we should be able to work it out.

Something weird happened on Kickstarter and I didn’t get to enter the survey!

This Kickstarter help article might be of assistance. Also, the old advice of “have you tried turning it off and on again” never goes out of style; try logging out of Kickstarter and back in again. Absolute worst case, if it hasn’t fixed itself by the time we import the surveys into our database, it’ll get flagged and we’ll contact you directly to get things fixed. So don’t panic!

My question isn’t frequently asked!

Well then, get in touch with us and ask it! :)

Add-ons and Changes to your Kickstarter Order

If you wish to upgrade multiple levels (ie: Basic to Patron), select multiple upgrades (ie: Basic to Premium and Premium to Patron).

GSC Upgrade - ATF Case Files to Basic
from 31.00
Add To Cart
GSC Upgrade - Basic to Premium
from 31.00
Add To Cart
GSC Upgrade - Premium to Patron

This reward is no longer available since the set is in production.

Add To Cart
GSC Bonus Goodies
from 8.00
Add To Cart
GSC Additional Items
from 8.00
Add To Cart
GSC Artbook Swaps
from 8.00

This item is for a very specialized situation, where your order currently has 1-2 goodies that you want to swap out and replace with the Large Artbook. If you’re swapping 2 goodies, you only have to buy one more goodie slot, so that’s $8.00, whereas if you’re swapping a single goodie, you need two slots, so that’s $16.00. In the comments field of the order, let us know which goodies you want to swap out.

If you want to swap 3 goodies for a Large Artbook, just contact us directly as that is an even swap.

Swap Type:
Add To Cart


  • Upgrade costs includes the difference in shipping cost between Basic and Premium.

  • There is no additional shipping cost for additional sets or goodies.

  • If your current reward is a Basic set, you can't order an additional Premium set (because of the different shipping costs). Instead, upgrade your Basic set to Premium and then add a Basic set.

  • You can reassign your bonus goodies at any time; just email us at with the changes you'd like to make.