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For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.

Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition

Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition Signup

The Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition Kickstarter was our most successful yet -- over 4200 backers and 468% funded!

The Gunsmith Cats OVAs were based on the manga of the same name, created by famous manga artist Kenichi Sonoda. Gunsmith Cats is a semi-reboot of Mr. Sonoda's Riding Bean manga, which was also made into an anime. Both Riding Bean and another Sonoda-related anime, Otaku no Video, have been released as limited-edition Blu-ray sets, and we still have some copies available.

You can still sign up for the Gunsmith Cats set (or add bonus goodies) using the options lower on the page! The cost is the same as during the Kickstarter.

Current Status: In Production (but you can still order it)

Estimated Release Date: Mid-September 2019

We also ran a special Fan Art Contest as part of the Explosive Edition. The results are pretty interesting!

Bonus Goodies

We are producing a number of special limited-edition bonus goodies that will only be available to owners of the Explosive Edition. You may order as many as you like, and can mix and match as desired. We are still getting lots of great suggestions for new goodies and will almost certainly be adding new ones to the list.

The currently available goodies are:

  • Matched Pair of Rally / May embroidered patches.

  • Rally / May Challenge Coin.

  • Keychain variant of the Coin.

  • "From May With Love" Grenade Pin.

  • Large Softcover Artbook (8.5" x 11" but fewer pages than the Premium Set Artbook, focusing more on the color art; counts as 3 goodie selections)

  • 10-pack of Stickers.

  • Pair of Cellphone Straps.

All goodies will be shipped with your main set order, and the price includes the extra shipping cost. If we come out with a new goodie you like better, you can change your selection anytime before we actually begin production.

The Explosive Edition is available in two core variants:

The Basic Set ($30 + shipping) includes the all 3 OVAs in both English and Japanese on a max-bitrate BD50 disc.

The disc itself has multiple subtitle variants -- colored (color-blind friendly), colored SDH, captioned SDH (similar to "Netflix-style") and captioned English SDH. There are 3 commentary tracks - two in Japanese featuring Kenichi Sonoda, Arai Masahiro, Kazaana Takanori, Mori Takeshi and Satō Hiroki, and one in English featuring Matt Greenfield and Tiffany Grant (OVA 1), Bennett the Sage and Marc Swint (OVA 2) and Amanda Winn Lee and Kimberly Yates (OVA3).

On-disc extras also include the original production documentary, an updated production documentary, a How-to-draw tutorial by Mr. Sonoda, an artwork slideshow, a music video, a clean version of the opening credits, a list of all the project backers (as of the time we went into production), and more.

The basic set comes in an amaray case with a reversible cover slip and two 9-panel inserts, which contain a new original poster, a new 4-panel Gunsmith Cats manga by Mr. Sonoda, and a list of all the backers. It also includes a sticker sheet suitable for adorning your laptop or vehicle.

The Premium Set ($60 + shipping) includes everything in Basic, plus a chipboard case with new original artwork by Mr. Sonoda, a ~180-page Amaray-sized full-color Artbook that fits in the chipboard case, and a very special dojinshi “thinbook”. The artbook will contain existing and new artwork, plus an extensive collection of original production settei (design drawings). A larger variant of the artbook is also available as a “bonus goodie” and as part of some Patron-level rewards.

The thinbook will contain a new 4-page color manga short by Mr. Sonoda, as well as new Gunsmith Cats illustrations by Mr. Sonoda,  KOTOBUKI Tukasa (Mobile Suit Gundam: THE ORIGIN), UEDA Hajime (FLCL), and TADANO Kazuko (Sailor Moon),

All of the new artwork created for the Explosive Edition will be available online in high-resolution form.

In addition to the Basic and Premium sets, a limited number of Patron set variants were made available, each with its own special rewards.

  • All Patron ($150) backers are credited when the disc loads, before the main menu appears.

  • Prominent Patron ($250) backers are credited on the first page of the Patron list.

  • Vocal Patron ($300) backers also get a special hardcover large artbook inscribed and signed by voice actresses Amanda Winn Lee and Kimberly Yates.

  • Signature Patron ($400) backers also get the special hardcover large artbook inscribed and signed by artist Kenichi Sonoda.

All patron-level variants include free shipping anywhere in the world and 3 $8 bonus goodies!

However, since the disc is now in production, these reward levels are no longer available.

Frequently Asked Questions

I moved since I placed my order. How do I change my address?

If you need to change your address, just email us at with the details. You can also just reply to any “account status” email you get from our preorder database, or message us on Kickstarter if that’s how you backed the project.

How can I upgrade my pledge level or add goodies?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page. There you will find order buttons for upgrading, adding goodies, and purchasing extra sets. Kickstarter backers should note that these add-ons won’t show up in your Kickstarter account; they’ll be processed and merged after we’ve imported all the kickstarter surveys into our preorder database. If you want to do something more complicated, just get in touch with us and we’ll work it out.

I pledged more $ on Kickstarter than the cost of the reward I selected. How can I use the leftover credit?

Once we’ve imported the surveys, our database will flag people who have an unused credit. We’ll then contact you and ask you what you’d like to do — use it for goodies, get a refund, or some combination of the two.

I’ve changed my mind about which goodies I want!

Just contact us let us know how you want to swap things around. As long as you let us know before we ship, we should be able to work it out.

Something weird happened on Kickstarter and I didn’t get to enter the survey!

This Kickstarter help article might be of assistance. Also, the old advice of “have you tried turning it off and on again” never goes out of style; try logging out of Kickstarter and back in again. Absolute worst case, if it hasn’t fixed itself by the time we import the surveys into our database, it’ll get flagged and we’ll contact you directly to get things fixed. So don’t panic!

I have “Unallocated Bonus Goodies”. How can I allocate them?

Some backer reward levels come with extra bonus goodies as part of the reward, but if you ordered one of these on this site (not Kickstarter) then we couldn’t let you choose them at ordering time (both because the shopping cart isn’t that flexible, and until recently we weren’t sure what the final list of goodies would be). In order to allocate your goodies, use the info on this page to figure out which goodies you want (descriptions higher up) and then contact us and let us know which ones you want; we’ll update your record in the preorder database.

My question isn’t frequently asked!

Well then, get in touch with us and ask it! :)

New Backers - order Basic, Premium or Patron set + any number of goodies

Important Note: Due to license restrictions, we cannot ship the Explosive Edition to Japan or Germany.

GSC Basic Set - $30 + Shipping (ships September 2019)
from 36.00
Add To Cart
GSC Premium Set - $60 + Shipping (ships September 2019)
from 67.00
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GSC Patron Sets (ships September 2019)
from 157.00

This reward is no longer available since the set is in production.

GSC Bonus Goodies
from 8.00
Add To Cart

Existing Backers - add to your existing order

If you wish to upgrade multiple levels (ie: Basic to Patron), select multiple upgrades (ie: Basic to Premium and Premium to Patron).

GSC Upgrade - ATF Case Files to Basic
from 31.00
Add To Cart
GSC Upgrade - Basic to Premium
from 31.00
Add To Cart
GSC Upgrade - Premium to Patron

This reward is no longer available since the set is in production.

GSC - Other Blu-rays
from 29.99

Add some of our other Blu-ray releases to your order and save, because there’s no additional shipping charge. Visit the associated product pages for more information on Otaku no Video, Riding Bean and Bubblegum Crisis.

Note: this is mostly helpful for International customers. US customers get free shipping on Blu-ray orders, so unless you specifically want these blu-rays shipped with Gunsmith Cats, use the order buttons on the respective product pages linked above instead. The price will be the same and we’ll send them to you immediately!

Add To Cart
GSC Bonus Goodies
from 8.00
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GSC Additional Items
from 8.00

If you want extra copies of a particular item, you can select it here. You can also get extra copies of the dojinshi included with the Premium set.

Add To Cart
GSC Artbook Swaps
from 8.00

This item is for a very specialized situation, where your order currently has 1-2 goodies that you want to swap out and replace with the Large Artbook. If you’re swapping 2 goodies, you only have to buy one more goodie slot, so that’s $8.00, whereas if you’re swapping a single goodie, you need two slots, so that’s $16.00. In the comments field of the order, let us know which goodies you want to swap out.

If you want to swap 3 goodies for a Large Artbook, just contact us directly as that is an even swap.

Swap Type:
Add To Cart


  • Upgrade costs includes the difference in shipping cost between Basic and Premium.

  • There is no additional shipping cost for additional sets or goodies.

  • If your current reward is a Basic set, you can't order an additional Premium set (because of the different shipping costs). Instead, upgrade your Basic set to Premium and then add a Basic set.

  • You can reassign your bonus goodies at any time; just email us at with the changes you'd like to make.