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6810 Finian Drive
Wimington, NC 28409

(800) 24-ANIME

For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.

Crowdfunding FAQ

Whenever your Backer account is updated, you'll get an email from with details of the changes (please whitelist it so it doesn't get spamfiltered!).

The guts of an account status email look like this:

Recent Account Changes: * Deliverable Poster (123) has been shipped. Address Information: Account Name : [GenomExecutive] Funding Source : [KickStarter] Access Code : [k4xmIObgOQahOeYK] (will be used to vote and order add-ons) Name on Discs : [Largo the Magnificent] Name : Brian J. Mason Address : 1 Genom Tower : City : MegaTokyo State : Kanto Zip/Post Code : 2032 Country : Japan Account Balance : $ 0.00 (All paid up! Thanks!) Products Ordered: Qty Product ID# Price Shipping Total -- ------------------------ --- ------- ------- ------- 1 Premium Set plus Poster 123 $125.00 $ 20.00 $145.00 -- ------------------------ --- ------- ------- ------- $145.00 Deliverables: Qty Product ID# Status --- ----------------------- --- -------- 1 Bubblegum Crisis Poster 123 Shipped 1 Premium Set 123 Unshipped --- ----------------------- --- --------

Recent Account Changes tells you everything that has happened to your account since the last time you were emailed. The first email you get will have a lot of entries about account, product and deliverable creation.

Your Account Name is either your name (if you signed up via PayPal) or your KickStarter account name. Funding Source is how you signed up.

Your Access Code is a random 16-character string that uniquely identifies your account. It makes it easier for me to find your account, and you'll also use it to identify yourself in backer polls.

Name on Discs is how you'll appear on the disc. Initially it will be your Name from the Shipping information, but if you want to change it, you can (details below):

Name, Address and so on are your shipping address. Do not panic if these are blank, they won't get filled in until you complete the KickStarter survey and I download that data.

Account Balance is how much you've paid minus how much you've ordered. For most people, this will be $0, which means everything is OK. If your balance is negative, then either I screwed up, your payment hasn't cleared yet, or you are an International Customer who ordered the US product via PayPal, so you need to pay some extra shipping fee(s). If your balance is positive, and you want to use it to order additional products, email me at and tell me what you want to do.

Products Ordered are the items you have actually ordered. Each item you order will result in one or more Deliverables being added to your account -- these are things I actually have to send out. So in the above example, Brian J. Mason signed up for Premium + Poster, so he has one product and two deliverables. Products have the same ID# as their associated deliverables, not that this means much.

Deliverables shows the status of your deliverable items. Each one will go through three states: Unshipped, Shipping, and Shipped. "Shipping" means your deliverable has been put into a batch that is getting packaged to send to the Post Office, and will probably go out in the next day's mail.


OMG! My Address information is blank!

If you have completed the KickStarter survey, then your address info should update in a few days. If it's been more than a week, contact me and we'll get it fixed.

How do I change my "Name on Disc"?

Email me with the details. The default will be the name of the person the set is being shipped to.

How do I upgrade from Basic to Premium? How do I get an extra copy?

Go to the Otaku no Video Otaking Edition page.

What are the deadlines on ordering add-ons, or upgrading to Premium?

You can do this until we lock down production quantities. The deadline will be announced well in advance.

What about getting my name on the disc?

If you sign up before we start making the final replication masters, you'll be included; we'll give plenty of warning before this happens.

I have a problem or question not covered in this wonderful FAQ. What now?

Email me directly at and I will endeavor to assist you.