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6810 Finian Drive
Wimington, NC 28409

(800) 24-ANIME

For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.


We get a lot of email, and there are certain questions that get asked over and over again. To save you time and us sanity, here's the Top-10 Frequently Asked Questions. Some of them even have answers!

#10: How come [title], which you just released, isn't available at [favorite website or store]?

To understand why this is so, you have to understand how the video industry works. A product gets released like this:

  • Video company (us) gets a license and announces it. We then proceed to do all the translation, subtitling and DVD authoring. This can take anything from a couple of months to a year, depending on our schedule.
  • Then we set a STREET DATE (date of first sale, or date the stores can put it out for sale) about 2 months in the future.
  • This gives time for stores/online sites to (a) decide to order it, (b) place the order, and (c) add to their inventory systems, about a month before the street date.
  • Then we have a month to (a) gather all the orders, (b) replicate enough discs, and (c) ship them out in time for the stores to get them by the street date.
  • "Missing" a street date, not having the product to the stores in time, is a major sin in the industry, and we've been nailed by last minute problems so many times that we now have a policy of "don't announce a street date until we have finished, tested product in the warehouse!"
  • So when the product does come in, we announce a street date, and as a bonus for fans who can't wait, make the title available on our website.
  • So there's often a 2 month delay between the time something pops up on our website, and the time it might appear on, say, And also, keep in mind that "brick and mortar", with limited shelf space, may not stock a particular title at all, although they can special order them.
  • Finally, we'd like to mention that since we put this policy in place, all our titles have arrived early! !^#^@&*@!!

#9: Why aren't you releasing any titles in Blu-Ray?

We currently have two Blu-Ray title, Shogun Assassin and Bubblegum Crisis. We intend other titles on Blu-Ray in the future, but since sales volumes on Blu-Ray are less than DVD, and the costs of authoring are much higher, we have to be picky. We've been experimenting with Crowdfunding as a way to deal with the economic issues.

#8: Can I use your images on my website?

The images on the AnimEigo website are available for NON-COMMERCIAL FAN USE only. You can use them on your website as long as you (1) provide proper copyright attribution, which you will find at the bottom of the page that contains the image, and (2) link back to AnimEigo from your website.

#7: Can I show your films at my club / convention?

For most of our titles it's no problem, but only if the showing is NON-PUBLIC (that is, only for club or convention members) and NON-COMMERCIAL (admission must not be charged, other than admission to the convention itself).

Simply email us and say "who, what, when, where and why," and we'll probably say "yes, ok, uh-huh, fine and no problem!" In some cases we may need to check with the licensor first. If you have any concerns that your situation doesn't fit into the above category, just ask.

If for some reason you need some written documentation of approval, write us a letter asking for it that we can sign and return to you. Include a SASE please! Something like this works well:

6810 Finian Drive
Wilmington NC 28409

ATTN: Showing Approvals

Dear Most Awesome Anime Company in the World,

We would like permission to show [enter shows here] at
our [meeting/convention] on [date(s)] at [address].

This showing will be non-public and only available to
members of the club / convention guests.

No admission will be charged.


[Your name here]
[club/convention name]

Approved : ____________________________

Date : __________________

#6: Where can I get information on [insert show name here]?

If it's not our show, we definitely have no clue. If it is our show, we probably have no clue (but what we know will be on the product page, or the liner notes page). Consider searching for it on the Internet Movie Database.

#5: Are you going to license and release [insert show name here]?

We neither confirm nor deny the confirmation or denial of any future licensing plans. I'd like to say we could confirm or deny this is company policy, but we neither confirm nor deny that either.

Further, we neither confirm nor deny the upcoming release plans of our licensors in Japan, nor do we confirm or deny that we HAVE any licensors in Japan. In fact, we're unwilling to confirm that Japan even EXISTS. And as for this internet thing you're using, it might just be a figment of your imagination.

We do confirm that we do listen to your suggestions, however bizarre they might be. We regret doing this, however, since some of you are even stranger than we are!

#4: I live in Lower Slobovia. Why can't you sell Anime to me?

With only a few exceptions (Bubblegum Crisis & Crash, AD Police, Riding Bean and Otaku no Video), our licenses preclude us from selling outside North America, so we can't sell them to you. If we sold you a Toho title, for example, they'd send Godzilla over to stomp our office flat.

Also, most of our DVDs are region-coded by request of the licensor, so they probably wouldn't play in your DVD player anyway.

Some local companies in various countries have licensed our titles, and when they do, we are happy to provide them with the dubbing and subtitling. So you may see local versions of our titles appearing.

#3: What's the difference between Shogun Assassin and Lone Wolf & Cub?

We're not selling LW&C anymore, but the TL/DR is this: Lone Wolf & Cub are the original films, Japanese language with English Subtitles. Shogun Assassin are the derived versions, some with substantial edits, dubbed into English with no Japanese language or subtitles. The first 2 LW&C films were edited together to make SA1, so SA<n> is LW&C<n+1>.

#2 : What will you do if I email you and point out that the Top-10 list doesn't have 10 items in it?

The same thing we will do if you email us and ask one of the questions on the list. We will roll the AnimEigo Dice of Doom and take the appropriate action:

  1. Dispatch Ninja Death Squad.
  2. Make note in your customer record that you want "UPS Next Month Underground" delivery service (surcharges apply)
  3. Forward your email around the office with sarcastic comments applied.
  4. Ridicule you in an upcoming convention panel (if time permits).
  5. Put your name in a "list of shame" easter egg in an upcoming DVD.
  6. Roll again. Twice.

#1 : Are you all insane?

Absolutely. If you dealt with Otaku all day long, you would be too. So take pity on us, and buy lots of our stuff, to keep us off the streets, and reduce the burden we impose on our long-suffering friends and families.

#0 : Wait a minute... #2 says there aren't 10 items in the top 10 list, but there are!

If we removed #2, there wouldn't be 10 items anymore, which means we'd have to add it back again. The only way to avoid an orgy of recursive page-updating, which might possibly destroy the entire internet, is to add this final item. Whew!