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In case you are wondering how all those helicopters and tanks suddenly appeared in downtown Tokyo, it happens that an important Self-Defense Forces installation is located in Ichigaya, near Shinjuku. As of this writing, the Ministry of Defense is planning to move its offices there, from their current location in Roppongi.

Yokota Base, in the Okutama region west of central Tokyo, is the main U.S. military installation in Japan. With the closure of Clark Air Force Base and Subic Bay Naval Air Station in the Philippines, it is also currently the largest active U.S. military base in Eastern Asia.

The fictitious West Shinjuku NSR Building is based on a real-world counterpart, according to Aramaki Shinji: the NS Building, also in West Shinjuku. They are apparently duplicates in all significant particulars.

When Koji says that he is feeding himself "with someone else's hands," the original expression in Japanese is "nininbaori," or "two-person haori (coat)." This is the name of an old game in which two people get into the same haori and attempt to do things like feed each other, or put makeup on each other's faces. In our original release of MADOX-01 three years ago, we translated this line as "This is a coat built for two."

Production Staff

Japanese Production Staff
Executive Producers: Yoshida Naotaka & Maruyama Hisatoshi
Planning: Suzuki Toshimichi
Story and Direction: Aramaki Shinji
Producers: Enokimoto Ayamitsu, Yanagita Shigeo & Uchiyama Shuuji
Character Designs: Tamura Hideki
Mechanical Designs: Aramaki Shinji & Yamane Kimitoshi
Design Assistant: Kimoto Yukimi
Technical Advisor: Nishimori Akiyoshi
Animation Director: Gooda Hiroaki
Assistant Animation Director: Hirata Tomohiro
Art Director: Nangoo Yooichi
Director of Photography: Okino Masahide
Sound Director: Honda Yasunori

Key Animators: Gooda Hiroaki, Komeda Hiroshi, Hirata Tomohiro, Oomori Takahiro, Itoo Kooji, Miyazaki Kenji, Masuo Shooichi, Ozawa Naoko, Anno Hideaki, Tamura Hideki, Fujikawa Futoshi, Saga Satoshi, Murata Yasuhito, Yoshida Hidetoshi, Nishimoto Seiji, Matsuo Shin, Matsubara Hidenori, Sano Hirotoshi, Nakayama Takehiro, Kishida Takahiro & Takei Yoshiaki
US Production Staff (Subtitling)
Producer: Robert J Woodhead
Director: Michael House
Editor: Roe R. Adams, III, KTJ
Translators: Michael House & Shin Kurokawa
Production Coordinator: Ueki Natsumi
Production Assistant: Nancy Powell
Production Managers (U.S.A.): Janice Hindle & Peter R. Haswell
O.B. (Office Baby): Ueki James Shiro
US Production Staff (Dubbing)
Executive Producers: Janice Hindle & Peter R. Haswell
Associate Producer: Ueki Natsumi
Producer: Robert J. Woodhead
Translators: Michael House & Shin Kurokawa
Dialogue Editor: Roe R. Adams, III, KTJ

English Language Version recorded at
In Tune Music, Wilmington, NC

Voice Director: Zach Hanner
Script Supervisor & Dialogue Mixer: Eric Tomosunas
Audio Engineer: Brett Ekstrom
M&E Editor: Tim Beeding
Digital Audio Workstation Tech: Joey Jarman
Communications: Pam Tomosunas

English Language Casting: John Bonitz Agency / Harry's Niche Talent

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice Actors
Sugimoto Kooji: Matsumoto Yasunori
Kusumoto Ellie: Asagami Yooko
1st Lt. Kilgore: Sogabe Kazuyuki
Nagura Shiori: Ishida Yukiko
Ellie's Superior: Ikemizu Michihiro
Onose Haruo: Hase Arihiro
U.S. Army General: Hirose Masashi
Commanding Officer: Katoo Masayuki
High Official: Oka Kazuo
Director of Okawasaki: Shioya Koozoo
Command Room Operator: Inagaki Satoru
Female Store Clerk: Yamaguchi Hiroko
Reckless Driver A: Kakegawa Yuuko
Reckless Driver B: Satoo Hiroyuki
English Voice Actors
Sugimoto Kouji: Scott Simpson
Kusumoto Ellie: Ellen Lee
1st Lt. Kilgore: Zach Hanner
Onose Haruo: Shaun O'Rourke
Nagura Shiori: Connie Nelson
Ellie's Superior: Bill Sellers
U.S. Army General: Rick Forrester
Mr. Okawasaki: Steve Vernon
Technician: Robert Wailes
SDF Officer: Pierre Brulator
"Mr. Sunglasses": Gray Sibley
Quicky-Mart Girl: Melissa Stanley
Chopper Pilot: Bobby Wilde
Ellie's Pilot: Chris Jarman
Obnoxious Drivers: Steve Rassin & Mac Ingram
Soldier: Nathan Gray
Overstressed Elevator: Jane Sampson
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