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For over 25 years, AnimEigo has specialized in releasing the finest in subtitled Japanese Anime and Live-Action films.

Riding Bean High Octane Edition

Riding Bean High Octane Edition Signup

The Riding Bean High Octane Edition Kickstarter was a great success -- 450% funded!

You can still sign using the forms on this page (either by credit card or PayPal)

One of the classics of the original Anime OVA boom, Riding Bean is acclaimed character designer SONODA Ken'ichi's gasoline and gunpowder-fueled 46-minute joyride around Chicago, featuring original music by Phil Perry & David “Creatchy” Garfield.

The High Octane Edition is expected to ship in December, 2016 (though we hope to get it out earlier) and is available in 4 variants. The Kickstarter campaign also has some special reward levels, but if you can't use a credit card, you can sign up using the PayPal buttons on the right.

The Basic Set ($25) includes the complete OVA in both English and Japanese on a max-bitrate BD25 disc, with two cover variants, a 9-panel insert, a ton of digital extras including high-resolution artwork and after-recording script, and a custom 4x4" embroidered patch.

The disc itself has English subtitles in both multicolor, greyscale and SDH, many of the digital extras, and every backer will be listed on the disk in a special credits feature. There are 3 commentary tracks: two in Japanese featuring Sonoda Ken'ichi (Regular and Ethanol-Blend) and an English commentary with Anime Historian Gilles Poitras.

The Premium Set ($50) includes everything in Basic, plus a chipboard case with new original artwork by Mr. Sonoda, and a ~180-page Amaray-sized full-color Artbook that fits in the chipboard case.

The Supreme set ($75) includes everything in Premium, plus a limited-edition keychain designed by Mr. Sonoda and a personalized on-disc "Rally Vincent Gun Safety Course" certificate easter egg.

The Nitrous-Injected set ($100) includes everything in Supreme, plus a 30mm-scale polyurethane model kit of Buff the Roadbuster and a personalized on-disc "Bean Bandit Offensive Driving School" certificate easter egg.

The set is available everywhere in the known universe except for Japan, China and Taiwan. Shipping for the basic set is $5 for US backers and $15 everywhere else; shipping for all other sets is $7 for US, $20 for Canada/UK/EU and $25 everywhere else. Canadian and EU orders will be shipped using local fulfillment so there will be no customs hassles!

New Orders (if you are not already a backer)

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RB Basic Set: $25 + Shipping
RB Premium Set: $50 + Shipping
RB Supreme Set: $75 + Shipping
RB Nitrous-Injected Set: $110 + Shipping


You can upgrade your set at any time until we lock down for shipping. Upgrade prices include any associated shipping costs, so please be careful to use the right button; there's one for US backers, Canadian/United Kingdom/EU backers, and other International backers.

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Extra Sets

You can add extra sets at every level less than or equal to your current backing level. So if you are a Supreme backer, you can add extra Supreme, Premium and Basic sets, but not a Nitrous-Injected set; to do that, you should upgrade from Supreme to Nitrous-Injected, then add a Supreme set.

We do it this way because there is no additional shipping on extra sets.

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You can also add miscellaneous items to your order. Currently only patches are available, but we will add to the list as we get deeper into the production process.

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